Assignment – Journey Project | Final Collection

On the way to Brixton, abandoned
From the top deck of a double decker, a single rim
Chained up outside Chelsea and Westminster
A view through the looking glass
In a rush for a job that pays per drop
A leisurely cycle alongside a bus

Building on the theme of “journey” and “stories of the cycling city”, I feel these images have a strong theme of cycling and secrecies behind them.  The top two images are of abandoned bicycles, with the rim being the most confounding as it was on top of a bus shelter. Why would a rim end up there?

The middle two images are of daily commutes, one, probably, of a junior doctor, as this was shot outside Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, while the mirrored commuters are partaking in what they do best.

The last two images are of two cyclists in motion, but on opposite ends of haste. The delivery cyclist is in a rush to get to his next job, while the cyclist on the bike-share cycle is in no hurry to get by the bus.


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